BioPARD è un kit basato su sensori e associato a un rivelatore elettrochimico per la determinazione rapida di pesticidi organofosforici e carbammici in campioni di cibo, acqua e suolo.

BioPARD Pesticide Analytical Remote Detector: rapid detection of pesticides

BioPARD is a sensor-based kit coupled with an electrochemical detector for the rapid determina-tion of organophosphorus and carbamic pesticides in food, water and soil samples.


BIOPARD Pesticide Analytical Remote Detector
In just a few minutes, an assessment of the contamination level
It is designed for on-site analysis
Easy to use and does not require laboratory equipment
It can also be used by non-expert personnel


The kit contains all the chemical reagents necessary to perform the tests, selective disposable screen-printed sensors and a portable detector for electrochemical measurements.

  • It Provides in a few minutes (less than 15) an assessment of the pesticide contamination level due to the presence of organophosphorus and carbamic pesticides in the analyzed sample.
  • It is designed to perform analysis directly in-situ
  • Does not require laboratory equipment
  • It can also be used by unskilled personnel

The Kit

The full kit consists of 2 boxes

  • Box 1 - Reagent Kit
  • standard solutions for calibration
  • buffer for sample dilution
  • enzyme reagent
  • enzyme substrate
  • 50 disposable screen-printed sensors for pesticides
  • disposable test tubes for sample treatment
  • disposable dosing pipettes
  • Box 2 - Detector
  • BioPARD portable electrochemical detector
  • USB cable
It is possible to buy:
Biopard full kit
Biopard detector
Biopard reagent kit

How It Works

BioPARD method is based on the electrochemical measurement of a specific enzyme. This is inhib-ited by the presence of organophosphoric and carbamic pesticides; therefore, by comparing the result obtained for a sample with a calibration curve obtained using appropriate standards, it is possible to obtain a correlation between the sample signal and its pesticide contamination level. Measurements are carried out using the portable detector with the appropriate selective sensors provided in the kit.
The BioPARD detector is a portable electrochemical device specially-designed to work with the disposable sensors of the kit. It can be interfaced with tablet or PC, but not installation is needed; at the end of the measurement, it is not necessary to perform any data interpolation: the result will be immediately readable on the screen of the tablet or PC in less than 15 minutes.

N.B: Results provided by BioPARD Pesticide Analytical Remote Detector are ONLY a qualitative assessment of the presence of organophosphorus and carbamic pesticides; thus BioPARD is not intended for their quantitative determination. It is not an alternative to certified laboratory analyses. Before taking any decision or action, the sample must be sent to an accredited laboratory for confirmatory analysis.