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Research on biosensors includes the use of advanced technologies in the fields of microelectronics, electrochemistry, optics, acoustics and mechanics, as well as the use of the best techniques in chemical synthesis and new technologies such as molecular, protein and genetic engineering to obtain "biosensing materials" with multiple properties and therefore useful for numerous and different applications.

Biosensor technology arises precisely from the convergence between the knowledge of intelligent materials and applied genomics. EBSR, which over the years has established partnerships with research centers of excellence in various sectors, operates in this area by focusing its interest on finding new solutions and new applications by means of specific projects and collaborations. The industry shows a growing interest in biosensor technology; it is not a coincidence that biosensors are emplòoyed in numerous fields of application and in different areas (biotechnology, medicine, environment, food technology) to solve analytical problems related to safety, monitoring and process controls.

EBSR is available to satisfy customer needs also by activating customised research. The biosensors produced by EBSR can be applied in monitoring and detection of pollutants in water, soil, air and, through screening techniques, also in the field of human health. Biosensors are able to selectively measure analytes of various nature, providing quantitative and/or qualitative data in a short time.

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Biosensors for rapid determination (POCT) of celiac disease and allergies

Development of a device for rapid diagnostics in the field of food allergies and intolerances (especially celiac disease) based on biosensors. The goal is the creation of a new diagnostic system, consisting of an analytical platform where the immunodiagnostic reaction takes place, and the related quick and easy to use reading tool. The device will can also be used in the "doctor office" and/or in non-hospital facilities (e.g. schools, pharmacies), becoming a "point of care testing" (POCT).

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Biosensori rapidi per screening di celiachia e allergie


Evaluation of the use of functionalized gold nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and therapy

Development, characterization and production (in small quantities needed for experimentation) of functionalized (i.e. with coatings that combine an additional function) gold nanoparticles (GNP) for future minimally-invasive clinical applications, such as selective cell disruption, “drug delivery” within cells, photoacoustic diagnosis at the cellular level in oncology and surgery.

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Nanotreat - diagnostica e terapia dei tumori


Innovative products for monitoring and decontamination-detoxification of nerve agents and explosives in the environment and/or for emergency management

Obtaining, through the application of innovative biotechnological, chemical and engineering approaches that can be used to address problems of considerable interest from a social and economic point of view in the area of citizen safety, emergency management and the preservation of environmental resources.

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Biodefensor - monitoraggio di agenti nervini ed esplosivi


il biosensore per erbicidi e metalli pesanti

Un biosensore monouso per la misurazione di composti chimici, come erbicidi e metalli pesanti, in matrice ambientale. Veloce e semplice da usare.

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optosens - il biosensore per erbicidi e metalli pesanti


Biosensor based instrumentations to be used in vineyards and wineries for fast and sensitive detection of Botrytis cinerea (grey rot) in grapes

Analysis of the presence of botrytis in the wine chain using biosensors.

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SAFEGRAPE - rilevazione di infezione da botrite nell’uva


Development of biophotonic sensors for OGM detection in the environment

Development of a multi-analytical platform for the identification of molecules marking the presence of Genetically Modified Organisms.

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SENSOGM - sensori biotofonici per la determinazione di OGM


Creation of a robotic LED-based pill for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

Creation of a luminescent ingestible pill for Helicobacter pylori treatment and eradication by using LED irradiation.

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CAPSULIGHT - capsula robotica a LED per il  trattamento dei disordini gastrointestinali


Development of a multiparameter control system based on the integration of sensors and biosensors for the remote detection of water quality

A) Development of sensors and biosensors able to detect the presence of polluting agents in water; B) Development of multiparametric probes integrated with sensors and biosensors dedicated to detect water quality, served by electronic circuits and software procedures for data acquisition, storage and transmission; 3) Development of a remotely-operated water quality control system consisting of a monitoring station equipped with multiparametric probes and associated electronics and a control center able to process, control and display the received data.

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BIOTELESENSOR - Sensori e Biosensori per verificare la presenza di agenti inquinanti nelle acque


Innovative electrodes to control the process of copper and silver ionization to abate, control and prevent Legionella outbreaks in water distribution systems

Development, implementation, and testing of new analytical control system, based on innovative mercury-free microelectrodes, for the control and dosing of Copper and Silver for the abatement and prevention of Legionella in water distribution systems.

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SILCO - Elettrodi innovativi per controllare focolai di Legionella nell'acqua

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